As of 1st July 2021


Prices are shown from

Using our "Sash Designer" 1 colour print
(Self Design)

Asking a Team Member to Design 1 colour print
(Let A Pro Do It!!!)
From $18.00 per sash

1 to 19 sashes - $22.00 per sash
20 or more sashes - $15.00 per sash
Bi Coloured Sash

Tri Coloured Sash

From $44.00 per sash

From $55.00 per sash
Plain Sash (any colour sash without printing)$8.80 per sash
Full colour printed sash 2 or more colours
Your logo, rainbow text or Pantone colour matching
From $33.00 (based on design and colours required)
"Bride To Be" Glitter Canvas Sash 
(Black and White vinyl print only)

Personalised wording Glitter Canvas Sash 
Choose your own words, max 3 words
(Black and White vinyl print only)
From $35.00 per sash

From $44.00 per sash (3 words)
- $3.30 extra per word (if needed)
Graduation / Formal Sashes20 or more - $11.00 per sash

Standard foil Back Print

Black Sash Pin
Rhinestone Sash Pin
Rhinestone Crown 
Rhinestone Heart 

Glitter Text Print (Standard Satin Sash)
Vinyl Text Print (Standard Satin Sash)

$6.60 per sash

$4.40 per sash

$1.10 per pin
$3.30 per pin
$3.30 per pin
$3.30 per pin

$28.00 (3 words) / $3.30 extra per word (if needed)
$28.00 (3 words) / $3.30 extra per word (if needed)
Panic Order guaranteed 24hr turn around.
Your order skips to the front of the queue.
(please refer to T's and C's for further information)
$11.00 per sash

Postage and handling: (all options come with tracking)
Express Postage (1 - 3 business days) $18.00
Regular Postage (5-7 business days) $11.00
International Express Postage (4 - 6 business days) $32.00
International Regular Postage (7 - 10 business days) $25.00
Toll Overnight $25.00
Griffith Local 2680 - We will contact you for pickup details

Turn around times 
Standard Printed Sashes 3-5 days 
Specialty/Full Colour/Glamour Sashes 1-2 weeks 

All Sashes come with complimentary velcro sticky dot unless unique pin is ordered. 

Please note that 10% GST is included in all prices shown above. 

Opening hours are Mon to Thurs (9am to 4pm NSW Time)