Panic Order

Need a rush job?  Our team drop everything just for you and make you our priority. Make sure to tick the box next to "PANIC ORDER" . This will incur a $11.00 extra per sash!

You are considered a panic order if your Finalised Payment Order Date and Date Required fall within 7 business days (Weekends excluded). 

Example, if you finalised your payment on January 1st 2019, and require the sashes on January 5th 2019, you will be a Panic Order as you require it within 7 days. Please note that Direct Deposit may effect this as we consider your order date upon arrival of payment and not the day you placed your order. 

A couple of conditions apply:

1. One colour print - 24 hour turn around

2. Full colour print - 3 day turn around

3. Glitter or Vinyl Sashes - 3 day turn around.

4. The turn around time starts from the date you finalise payment for your order to when you require your products. We are closed on Fridays, Weekends and Public Holidays.

5. Sorry but we have no control over the postal services and take no responsibility if not delivered within their guidelines.

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